The Southwest Spirit

The Newsletter of Southwest Baptist Church


A Message from Pastor George Colbert (as stated in the March 2016 newsletter).

As we enter into the last part of winter, I find myself getting excited about the fact that spring will shortly follow, I seem to like winter less and less with each passing year.  So I thought I would share a couple of things that are exciting that have occurred or will occur in the next few weeks. 

The first is that I have completed all of the coursework for my Master's Degree from Seminary.  I now look forward to getting my final grade and degree.  It took a lot of work and a lot of time, but it is really exciting to think in just a few weeks at garduation, I will have the degree bestowed upon me.  Thanks for praying for me as I studied.  I believe it has helped me be a better preacher for you. 

Next, we have the joy of the Easter season to look forward to.  What a blessing it is to celebrate the suffering and the resurrection of our Lord.  If that does not get you excited, then the third and final thing that I have been thinking about has me excited and looking forward to the coming weeks and months, and what you need to be considering, is our revival services.  If the Easter story does not get you excited then I hope you will see the great need for revival in your life and will attend the services in April. 

I have seen God do wonderful things in past revival, and with prayer and personal devotion, I believe God desires to do, and will do great thingsin the life of the individual members of Southwest Baptist Church, but also in the corporate body. 

Won't you join me in getting excited about what the Spring and Summer hold in the life of Southwest Baptist Church as we seek to serve God for His honor and glory. 

God Bless, 

Brother George